Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - November 15 2018

Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes - November 15 2018RAT ● General: It''ll replenish your spirit.
● Love & Relationships: Things are coming together in a relationship -- not necessarily in a romantic way.
● Career: You have one job on this planet, and that''s to be the best you only you can be.
● Lucky number : 87
● Best time of the day : 15h00OX ● General: Two heads can be better than one, but not when that other head is distracting you from the issue at hand.
● Love & Relationships: Inject a note of grace and understanding into this relationship.
● Career: Make nice with your money matters, and you might just find that a big financial plan finally starts falling into place.
● Lucky number : 45
● Best time of the day : 10h00TIGER ● General: Something''s holding you back, though.
● Love & Relationships: You have something important to get off your chest, but your sweetheart may not be quite ready to hear it.
● Career: This climate won''t…

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Aries (3/21 to 4/19)

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)
● General: You might not be totally in step with the latest fashions and pop culture trends, but that's okay -- people who know more about the lives of celebrities than the lives on their own friends are pretty lame. Celebrate the many strengths you do have -- like the strong, grounded side of your personality. Let it guide you today. Instead of shopping, you will be drawn to simple pleasures like gardening, hiking, or taking a walk with a friend. Relax and feel happy with yourself.
● Work: Count your lucky stars you're not living the freebie life you dream of. Imagine life without withholdings or exemptions. Today is the one day of the year it should produce more of a shudder than a sigh.
● Finances: There is more than one goal to be achieved by using the same tactic. You know all about managing people to work well in groups. You use your leadership skills today to organize a social outing or event. The dividend is way more valuable than money.
● Love: Your ability to forgive and forget is nearly limitless -- except when it comes to the few biggies. You know the times when your heart got trampled on and kicked to the curb? Ease up on the past; let go of the anger.

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)
● General: If you are contemplating any major travel, today is the day to put things into motion. Nail down the dates and try to look into affordable transportation options. Check in with whoever was planning to go with you and make sure they are still on board. There are some bargains out there, but they will require a little extra effort to be found. If you wait too long to move forward with your plans, you could miss out on a nice upgrade opportunity.
● Work: If you don't have any idea about certain rules and regulations, you'll have a deep understanding by the end of the day. You may even be tempted by thoughts of a new career. But it's temporary, so don't consider yourself enlightened.
● Finances: Even your best friends can rub you the wrong way every now and then, and it's one of those days. Their behavior is not as radical as your reaction to it is. You will save yourself a bit of money and a lot of aggravation if you cancel plans for the day. Your wallet and your friends will silently thank you for it.
● Love: What happens outside, stays outside, so if you're into trying something totally outrageous, why not pitch a tent and invite a certain someone to play with you? Outdoor sex is awesome, especially as spring hits its stride. The hormones are really kicking in!

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)
● General: You're pushing toward a new beginning, but nothing is a sure thing -- you are still on thin ice with the situation and need to tread lightly. A friend's promise may fall through at the last minute due to circumstances beyond their control, or an important work meeting may swerve off the planned agenda. No matter what happens, try to just go with the flow, and don't get angry about it. Things will get to where they need to be if you are cool and flexible about how they get there.
● Work: With the forms you have to fill out, it may seem like there's a hidden agenda. But all that's really needed is for you to dive in. Then let the undercurrents do their job of sweeping you away.
● Finances: The best thing about your intellectual mood is that you can fit some deep thinking into everything else you do. While others think you are simply going about your business as usual, you're actually coming to some shocking conclusions. You end the day feeling radically changed without spending a penny to do it.
● Love: Your need for constant change creates a shaky ground for you as far as your love life's concerned. One day you want someone you can take home to mother; the next, you're on the prowl for the trampiest tramp. You won't find comfort in the extremes.

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)
● General: Trivial small talk could evolve into philosophical conversations today -- but only if you give it a chance to. Just because you're laughing and having a good time chatting with someone doesn't mean that you two aren't capable of having a much deeper connection. Start increasing the expectations you have of other people, and they will rise to them every single time. You are on the verge of starting a new relationship that is probably going to change your life.
● Work: You need to deal with something extreme (with a capital E). At least you're not alone. It's not something anyone wants to be shouting over a loudspeaker but know there are other folks in the same boat.
● Finances: It's your day to unbutton and relax, but you still have to be smart about the way you respond to your friends. You could end up picking up a big tab or owing someone money at the end of the day if you're not careful. Don't let your emotions dictate your choices. Being inflexible pays off.
● Love: You're pouting all over the place -- why won't anyone notice you? Poor, poor baby. Nobody cares. But they really do. When you're in this kind of mood, you're completely inconsolable. So snap out of it or else you scare everyone off.

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)
● General: Lately, you've been blowing people away left and right with your problem-solving abilities and all-around rock star qualities! Important people who have a big say in where your life goes next have been watching you, and you have made quite a good impression on them. And what good is it to impress other people if you don't get to pat yourself on the back a little bit? You're allowed to give yourself positive reinforcement today -- in fact, it is highly recommended.
● Work: It's amazing! Everyone around you has plans to get responsible. If you're already fiscally fit, just sit back and listen. Don't waste your time boring others with your regimen.
● Finances: If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome, then you're going around the bend. Find a different solution to a monetary problem for a change. Paying the minimum or working as little as possible just isn't working for you.
● Love: If you're not receiving the accolades and adoration you crave (and deserve), it's time to move on. You should be swimming in respect, but you've managed to hook up with someone who barely knows you're there. You shouldn't have to don a clown suit and put on a dog and pony show to get noticed.

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)
● General: Today, someone's brilliant one-liner will do more than tickle your funny bone -- it will ignite a tiny spark of attraction! Could this spark grow into a flame of passion, or even true love? Keep laughing and maybe you'll find out. Having fun can lead to having a romance, so don't stop the good times you are having -- reschedule something if you need to! Your ideal mate is much more likely to be a person who can make you smile than a person who can make you swoon.
● Work: You can look at something a hundred times before finally seeing the trap door. Don't give up until you find your way out. You might have to get creative, but it's there, staring right back at you.
● Finances: Be open minded about ways to spend your time. Something dull and mundane like reorganizing your belongings could provide a big boost of energy to everything else you do. The effect lasts for a lot longer than the time spent toiling away. Consider it sweat equity.
● Love: Your willingness to surrender to whatever makes you a soothing presence indeed. No wonder those whose lives are filled with chaos and toxins seek your presence. It's okay to listen, but don't get overly involved in the drama right now.

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)
● General: Looking at every single angle of an old relationship issue might be a great way to evaluate it, but it can also be paralyzing -- every new point of view could serve as an excuse to do nothing. So sooner than later, you're going to have to make up your mind about what to do. The confused phase you're in right now indicates that action is better than inaction -- because even if you make the wrong choice, at least you will gain insight about what to do next.
● Work: You're not the only one feeling odd. It's a day of reckoning like no other day of the year. If nothing seems balanced in your world, know that it's a bubble that surrounds just this day.
● Finances: Your sentimentality is tipping the scales in a bad direction. You need to balance things about a bit. Take a good look around you and you'll see plenty of reasons to be happy to live in the present instead of the past. Money is but a small matter when you add up everything else in your life.
● Love: You're not one to run to any sort of commitment, but once you give it your stamp of approval, forget about it. You'll go down with the ship. And that's just how things go for you right now. Listen -- if everyone tells you you're hanging with a loser, they're right.

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)
● General: Today you will be bouncing up and down between opposite experiences like a human yo-yo! This extreme back-and-forth energy will go on throughout the day, testing your flexibility and your patience almost to the breaking point. The good news is that you will be able to ride out any change in elevation, no matter how sudden or unexpected it is. The bad news is that you probably won't get as much recognition as you deserve -- you make it all look so easy that no one will be too impressed.
● Work: Your boss seems to be in a jolly mood. That might mean good news for all of you. Then again, it could mean things have been tipped over the edge. Keep your eyes open. You never know what's next.
● Finances: Harmony at home is in a fragile state. If you don't feel like you're walking on eggshells, you will soon. Even something simple like where to put the couch can lead to conflict, so something serious like money can start a knock-down, drag-out brawl. Pull out your best diplomatic qualities and put them to good use while you still can.
● Love: Stick to this today: Forgive but don't forget. Don't be surprised if someone who really hurt you comes sniffing around for clemency. It's okay to bury the hatchet. But taking it further than that? No way! No matter how convincing they sound, they haven't changed.

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)
● General: An event today will make it clear to you that everything in your life is transient -- nothing can last forever. Permanence just doesn't exist -- even the tallest mountains are slowly crumbling down. So you have to stop thinking that what you have right now is going to last forever. Remind yourself that the only thing you can count on is change. Rather than try to preserve what you love right now, just enjoy it. Value it and treat it respectfully instead of trying to keep it exactly the way you want it to be.
● Work: It's not unusual to be focused on money but it's a bit late for penny pinching. Making your own lunch is always a good idea, as long as you don't expect it to float your boat for the day.
● Finances: Don't waste your talents on those who don't appreciate them! Your friends and family may have grown a bit bored, but it doesn't take much creativity to impress strangers. And you never know when someone new you connect with will lead you to a profitable project or a new money making idea.
● Love: Your volatile, sizzling mood sends you into a funk. Stay away from people or situations that feed your fire. Extra stress is really bad for your complexion and your love life. You'll find the essence of life in the eyes and souls of the people who truly love you.

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)
● General: You should continue to take a 'keep it to yourself' attitude today. Your opinions are valid, but no one is in any mood to really listen to them right now. You will make better use of your time if you channel your emotions into a creative pursuit such as cooking, dancing, or singing. Heck, even shopping will benefit from the ideas you're dying to get out into the world. It's a great day to enjoy your friends and fun and avoid banging your head against a wall with a bunch of naysayers.
● Work: You'll have your own personal big-time accomplishment, and who cares if everyone else does, too. If you've waded through to the finish line, then you deserve a star for stamina, whether or not you're in good company.
● Finances: When it comes to thoughts of money, be wary of your old nemesis, the scheme. You love nothing more than a dark plot, but working hard in the light of day is the tactic you should be sticking to. Don't even think about changing your approach now.
● Love: Some uninformed dolts feel sorry for you. How, they think, could you possibly be happy alone? Ha! Little do they know the fabulous life you lead. Just shake your head with a knowing glance. You get and that's all that matters.

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)
● General: It's a good day for investigating new ways to take better care of your health. You've been getting a lot more tired a lot earlier in the day, and those extra cups of coffee are not the right solution. Take some time today to learn how to get a better night's sleep, eat a better breakfast, and perk yourself up when the afternoon blahs come. You have to start taking a more active role in maintaining your physical health -- you will thank yourself later on!
● Work: A deadline has you in its grip -- or so it feels to you. Don't try and fight it. Just keep your head down and your eyes on the numbers until you reach the bottom line.
● Finances: You have tons of energy and it would be a waste to just fritter it away here and there throughout the day. Harnessing it might just make you some money as well as create meaningful changes in your social life. Use it to get and stay inspired.
● Love: You're so incredibly bored lately -- what's that all about? Same people, same things all the time isn't good for a restless soul like you. If you haven't checked your online profile lately, do it now. If it needs an update or overhaul, you're in the best mindset ever to get it done.

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)
● General: It might not be easy for you to open up about your feelings right now, but if you want to have someone in your life, you need to let them in. It's time to let down your guard and show someone just how much you trust them by sharing a secret or a wish. You don't have to listen to your doubts or fears of rejection anymore. Listen to your own heart and understand that you are capable of handling whatever consequences your actions bring your way. Be vulnerable.
● Work: The task ahead of your today is not an easy one, but no one else can pull it off but you. Or can they? The right substitute is out there, for a price. Find the person who can pull a few strings.
● Finances: When you daydream about your life ahead of you, you might as well let yourself get as outrageous as you want to be. Go hog wild. You'll be open to more realistic changes if you've had a chance to get your ya-ya's out another way first.
● Love: Your tendency to avoid confrontation could spell lots of pain for you right now. You're not welcome mat, so why do you let people treat you this way? If you get stood up or someone doesn't do what they say they're going to do, hold them to it.


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