Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - December 5 2018

Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes - December 5 2018RAT ● General: You''ve got all the moral (and celestial) support you could ever have hoped for.
● Love & Relationships: Your friends are sending the love your way all day today, so enjoy the good stuff and give back as much as you pull in.
● Career: A combative has-been reminds you how valuable your good communication skills are.
● Lucky number : 38
● Best time of the day : 8h00OX ● General: Procrastination never helps and almost always hurts, so set aside distractions and tackle your task.
● Love & Relationships: Romantic ideas you have and plans you make during the day have the blessing of the stars, so brainstorm and fire up that social calendar.
● Career: Look for common ground and you''ll find that communication between you and your main squeeze really takes off.
● Lucky number : 68
● Best time of the day : 19h00TIGER ● General: Use your original means of expression to get the message you''v…

Free Daily Horoscope - November 17 2016

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)
● General: Today, take any opportunity you can to watch other people dealing with a conflict. Being observant about how people handle their disagreements will help you get a better handle on any future conflicts you might have with them -- and definitely give you the upper hand. Today is not the time for major action or big decision-making, however. It's a more introspective time, when your mind needs to work, but your body should stay relaxed. But that doesn't mean a lot can't get accomplished.
● Work: You've got energy to spare, so you might as well get ahead of your deadlines. After all, you're in a full-on workaholic mode right now, even if you don't realize it.
● Finances: You know how to be agreeable and polite when people give you gifts, whether you like them or not. Do the same when the universe drops a few in your lap. You may not think they're your style right off the bat, but that doesn't mean you should look down your nose at them. You may find they're your kind of windfall after all.
● Love: It's time to release old issues so you can be ready for a different kind of romantic interaction. Just be aware of your own boundaries. While change is good, you have to ask yourself how much is too much.

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)
● General: Sometimes connecting with others can be more of a drain than a pleasure, but you need to suck it up and put on a cheerful smile today. Too many people are counting on you to show up and shine your bright charm on the scene, and you can't let them down! The wonderful thing is once you act energetic and social, you will start to be energetic and social! Your genuine nature is still genuine, even when it needs a little bit of a kick-start.
● Work: You need some stress relief, and it's just not happening in the office. Don't feel guilty if you desperately want to sneak away. In fact, now's a great time to do just that.
● Finances: Nothing can put a damper on your intense energy. You feel as excited and hopeful about life as the day you were born. You don't even care if it gets translated into money, but just so you know, your exhilaration adds a definite boost to your finances. The money pales compared to how good you're feeling.
● Love: Every relationship you've had has taught you something about yourself and how you relate to people. Be proud of all that growth and knowledge you have! Your next romance will be a cinch, honestly.

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)
● General: If people are putting restrictions on you right now, tell them to get lost -- even if that person is the big boss (though you might want to be more tactful about it). Your goals, your wishes, and your hopes are your own and you deserve the right to make them come to reality however you see fit. Sometimes people project what they want on you, and you can't let them do that. They need to spend more time working on their life and less time working on yours.
● Work: Whether you're networking, interviewing, giving presentations or just emailing the head office, you've got what it takes. Communication is delicate and important right now -- and you're perfect for the job.
● Finances: It's hard not to over do it when people are bestowing gifts upon you all day long, but you'll thank yourself at the end of the day if you do. Or more accurately, you won't be black and blue from kicking yourself. Even though it's on someone else's dime, over indulging takes a toll on you.
● Love: Stop being so practical. This is romance! You're supposed to be foolish -- even just a little bit. Let yourself go and relax. You may have a few mishaps, but chances are you'll have a lot more fun too.

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)
● General: In any close relationship, open communications is critical! So if you think that someone you love is holding back their true feelings, don't wait another day to get to the bottom of it. They have been sending mixed signals your way, and it's been understandably frustrating for you. But you don't have to put up with it. The two of you have a solid foundation, which means you can cut to the chase and ask them directly what is really going on.
● Work: Supervisors or difficult customers at every turn will find new ways to irk you. If you're self-employed, beware of impossible client demands -- see if you can put them off until next week.
● Finances: You're in charge of where the ship goes today, and it's no freighter you're navigating around, either. It's more of a luxury cruiser or a yacht, at least if you have any say in the matter. Whether you're with family or friends, at lunch or a dinner party, demand only the very best in everything. You deserve it.
● Love: You shine like the gem that you are. Place yourself in settings that show off your dazzling qualities to perfection. In other words, if witty repartee is your thing, don't go to a concert in a giant arena.

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)
● General: Today you will have a good time doing just about anything -- washing dishes, taking a walk, sitting in a marathon meeting, even washing your car! You're in a phase of life where your expectations are low. You don't want much more than a good night's sleep and a good friend to laugh with. This isn't a great time to set any goals, though. You will want to wait for a better time, when you're more hungry for challenges and eager for a life change.
● Work: A new coworker or client is due to shake things up soon -- or possibly, you'll jump ship for a brand-new job. Either way, you'll eat up the incoming changes.
● Finances: Given all the attention you're getting, it's understandable that you're starting to feel like the star of the show. You're even a bit greedy for the limelight at the center of the celebration. Don't forget that these tokens are really from the heart. Using them to pump up your egotism would be plain wrong.
● Love: A burst of adrenaline spurs you to make all kinds of changes with your love life. Hold on there, partner! Make sure you know where you want to go, or you may end up running in some random direction.

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)
● General: Group situations are to be avoided today -- there is too much diversity of purpose in the people you will be around today. Not everyone is on the same page, and it could cause some conflicts that frustrate your day. So be careful of others and focus on activities that are best done alone. Reading, napping, relaxing and even just thinking about things will be a much better way to use your time.
● Work: Work stress is starting to catch up with you. Try to find some new way to relieve tension, even if it's something unusual. Why not start doing yoga during your lunch break?
● Finances: You get to pick the dinner spot today, and the breakfast and lunch spots, too. Be as unusual as you feel like being when choosing. Your picks may come easily or they may take some soul searching on your part, but don't squander a single one by being too hasty.
● Love: You're considering a date with someone who seems fantastic on paper. However, that little voice in your gut is saying, 'Run away as fast as you can!' You're entitled to your feelings; don't ignore them.

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)
● General: Anyone who is telling you to get more discipline and structure in your life is someone you should ignore -- you're doing just fine! This person is just projecting their own worries and guilt on you, so feel free to ignore it. Do not let their status or powerful position intimidate you either. When it comes to your life, only you know how to run it properly. All that matters is that it works for you -- and they have to just deal with it.
● Work: Your energy is perfect for wooing clients or knocking them dead in interviews, so keep it simple. Try to avoid meetings and presentations right now.
● Finances: As thickly as those around you are laying on the hospitality, you have to spread the gratitude twice as thick. It's not bad as far as problems with companions go, but navigating the etiquette jungle is important today. Be sure you make it look like you're handling it with ease even if you're secretly sweating.
● Love: The process of meeting, falling in love and staying together can seem insurmountably complicated. However, it's really just a chain of tiny and very easily accomplished steps. Start small.

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)
● General: The most beautiful words can have an ugly interpretation, so look more closely for the meaning behind what people say today. Focus more on substance than on style. And watch out for people who are candy-coating their criticism and trying to hide what they really mean. They're wasting your time and underestimating your intelligence. Disingenuous people have two faces, and they are carefully choosing which one to show you right now.
● Work: You've got a clear view of the long run, and you should figure out how to exploit it. Strategic planning might not be on the agenda now -- but it should be, as far as you're concerned.
● Finances: You get no opposition today. Even for someone who loves contests and competition, you'll have fun with the way all doors seem to open for you as you approach. Remember to tip your imaginary hat as you walk through them, because you must know they're not opening by magic.
● Love: Out of your league? That's not the way to think about it. Are they able to play in your league? Could they even find the ballpark? This person might not be right for you, but you're good enough for anyone.

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)
● General: You can get lots done and have fun doing it today, because your enthusiasm is gigantic. Don't worry if you don't have every little wrinkle of a situation ironed out -- what matter is that the overall goal has been met, and you enjoyed the effort of meeting it. You can talk your way through any tricky spots today and use your bright smile to blind any skeptics. And if you can keep someone talking about themselves, it won't occur to them to ask anything about you.
● Work: Contemplate this certain situation as if you were coming to the problem for the first time. Childlike thinking is the key to your latest big issue, whether it's marketing, recruitment or finance.
● Finances: When someone tries to treat you, focus on their gesture and not the end result. The petty picture is just not as pretty as the bigger one is. Once you realize you can deal with things not being exactly to your specifications, you can relax enough to enjoy yourself. In fact, you may be at risk of overindulging.
● Love: How can you welcome anything (or anyone) new into your love life if you're still clinging onto the old? It's time to examine beliefs, attitudes, and former relationships. Toss what didn't work. Now decide what you want.

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)
● General: If you are feeling uncertain or nervous about your career right now, don't suppress it. Turn to your family for the comfort you need -- even just a short phone call could make you feel ten times better about this situation. You are an imperfect human and it is a healthy thing to process all your feelings -- and who better to process those feelings with than the people who love and care about you the most? Let them cheer you up by reminding you that no one is perfect.
● Work: Do whatever it takes to keep you sane -- do yoga, take a road trip or get a massage. Stress is starting to take its toll, but you can pull yourself out from under with a concerted effort.
● Finances: You get to be one of the children today. Play hard and laugh hard, because you won't get another day like this for at least another year. Don't forget to relax, though, because you don't have a parent calling you home at the appropriate time. No one is looking out for your financial and physical safety but you.
● Love: Mr. or Ms. Right might turn out to be Mr. or Ms. Right Now instead. Appreciate them for what they are, and then let them go freely and with a gracious heart. You have so much more ahead of you. Don't hold onto unnecessary baggage.

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)
● General: Your cynical side is in charge today, which means you're going to be suspicious of people who act like saints. To you, these folks don't have altruistic motives -- they are helping someone only with the goal of helping themselves in the end. But the big question is, are your suspicions correct? Resist the urge to warn others about this person being a wolf in sheep's clothing. You don't know for sure, and you could hurt their reputation.
● Work: Jettison those feelings of urgency and wait for an opportunity to come to you. Even though you're itching to move forward, now is the time to stay put.
● Finances: On days like today, stories from the past are anything but boring. You can find ways to turn old yarns into gold without even trying. It's as if a light bulb goes off above your head when hearing even the old standbys. Each idea is one you can take to the bank.
● Love: Did you say yes to a date because you felt like you should? It's time to listen to what you genuinely want to do, not what you feel obligated to do. Your love life will improve immediately.

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)
● General: This new project will create more confusion in your life than you originally thought possible, but this might not be that big of a problem if you get organized. Sure, you might feel as you are in a fog until you can sort things out, but luckily it won't take too much time. Prioritize your tasks by placing a greater importance on the things for which other people depend on you -- and then take care of your own needs if you have the time.
● Work: You're on the verge of making a breakthrough that will keep you on top of everything going on around you in the workplace. And even though you're having problems with information control, don't despair.
● Finances: The day unfolds like one long poem before you. Even the most mundane of communications seems like a love letter, and life around you is filled with hidden meaning and beauty. Too bad you can't buy this kind of feeling or bottle it for another day. Enjoy it while you can.
● Love: So you had a lapse in judgment when it came to a potential romance. It's not too late to correct matters. Find a way to exit the situation discreetly and quickly -- then forgive yourself and move on.


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