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Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - November 15 2018

Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes - November 15 2018RAT ● General: It''ll replenish your spirit.
● Love & Relationships: Things are coming together in a relationship -- not necessarily in a romantic way.
● Career: You have one job on this planet, and that''s to be the best you only you can be.
● Lucky number : 87
● Best time of the day : 15h00OX ● General: Two heads can be better than one, but not when that other head is distracting you from the issue at hand.
● Love & Relationships: Inject a note of grace and understanding into this relationship.
● Career: Make nice with your money matters, and you might just find that a big financial plan finally starts falling into place.
● Lucky number : 45
● Best time of the day : 10h00TIGER ● General: Something''s holding you back, though.
● Love & Relationships: You have something important to get off your chest, but your sweetheart may not be quite ready to hear it.
● Career: This climate won''t…

Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - June 5 2016

RAT ● General: Shop around for the best bargains -- in life as well as in all things mercantile.
● Love & Relationships: Stubbornness is your sweetheart''s prevailing characteristic right now.
● Career: Call upon your strong work ethic; the more work you put in the better the reward.
● Lucky number : 58
● Best time of the day : 15h00OX ● General: Problem solving is an area you excel at, and never more so than now.
● Love & Relationships: All your efforts at reconciliation with your beloved one will bear fruit.
● Career: It''s a great time for a date or a job interview -- or any situation in which you need to impress someone.
● Lucky number : 5
● Best time of the day : 20h00TIGER ● General: You might be feeling a little more reserved than the others around you, but you still need to act on your impulses when they pop up.
● Love & Relationships: Your sweetie is in a sensitive mood, and you feel like you''re walking a tightrope in this relationship because of them…

Free Daily Horoscope - June 5 2016

Aries (3/21 to 4/19) ● General: You can't think twice if your ambition gets in other people's way today. Even if you step on someone's toes once or twice, sometimes that's just what it takes to get where you want to go. You can't let manners and etiquette deter you right now. This is not the time or place. You cannot stop your personal quest just because it annoys or inconveniences someone else. Because you know that if they were in your shoes, they would do the exact same thing.
● Work: You know the routine. Someone gets angry at colleagues, and then does as little work as possible. Could it be you who's doing the sulking? Say it ain't so, please! Think of your karma, if not your resume.
● Finances: Working hard pays off, it's true, but so does working slightly less than hard. You shouldn't have to knock yourself out just to make a buck today. If it feels like it's more trouble than it's worth, it is.
● Love: Exploring new romantic territory…

Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - June 4 2016

RAT ● General: A mystical idea has a big influence on your reality.
● Love & Relationships: Happy sentimental relationships: You''ll strengthen ties of complicity with the beloved one.
● Career: Start small and work up from there.
● Lucky number : 26
● Best time of the day : 9h00OX ● General: You''ll know how to make the necessary decisions; but don''t take swiftness for correctness.
● Love & Relationships: On the other hand, you will not be very much inclined toward sentimentality.
● Career: Your network of friends could stand to benefit from some well-rounded and knowledgeable individuals.
● Lucky number : 27
● Best time of the day : 22h00TIGER ● General: Expect some uncontrollable and incomprehensible variations in your humor.
● Love & Relationships: Take the most conservative approach possible to this situation and you and your sweetheart will stay out of hot water.
● Career: Are you doing your part ... and his part and her part? Don''t let a coworke…

Free Daily Horoscope - June 4 2016

Aries (3/21 to 4/19) ● General: Your pioneering spirit is back and it's looking for something -- or someone -- new to discover! This is going to push the level of excitement in your life up through the stratosphere, which will be tons of fun. Sure, you might have to juggle some social plans around, but no one is going to mind. Follow loose threads that pop up today, and they will lead you to some very interesting conversations. If you come across a person you don't know who has got a bright smile for you, get to know them!
● Work: Don't count on karma. You may deserve some security, but being deserving only has to do with how hard and how well you work. Instead of laying low, do as much as possible.
● Finances: Getting back up on your horse is a slow process. You need some motivation, and salivating over material possessions won't do the trick. Come up with a few new tricks to add to your earning repertoire to spice things up a bit.
● Love: Impatient with that slacker C…