Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - December 5 2018

Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes - December 5 2018RAT ● General: You''ve got all the moral (and celestial) support you could ever have hoped for.
● Love & Relationships: Your friends are sending the love your way all day today, so enjoy the good stuff and give back as much as you pull in.
● Career: A combative has-been reminds you how valuable your good communication skills are.
● Lucky number : 38
● Best time of the day : 8h00OX ● General: Procrastination never helps and almost always hurts, so set aside distractions and tackle your task.
● Love & Relationships: Romantic ideas you have and plans you make during the day have the blessing of the stars, so brainstorm and fire up that social calendar.
● Career: Look for common ground and you''ll find that communication between you and your main squeeze really takes off.
● Lucky number : 68
● Best time of the day : 19h00TIGER ● General: Use your original means of expression to get the message you''v…

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Aries (3/21 to 4/19)

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)
● General: Pay attention to all subtle signals today, especially if they seem to be arriving in little groups. The universe is trying to make a point -- to direct your attention to the center ring, where your prize is waiting. Don't be distracted by anything less than a natural disaster and certainly not by petty work-related matters. You're oozing luck from every pore. Be sure to take advantage of it. It's what you're supposed to do.
● Work: You will feel a new sense of security in your position, and you should be able to build toward something bigger and better. The long hours you have been putting in recently are finally starting to pay off handsomely.
● Finances: Your finances are like a pressure cooker, or worse. Things are heating up beyond the point of no return. Staying calm won't help. Try to disentangle your money before the volcano blows.
● Love: As long as you're single, why not diversify? Meeting as many people as you can gives you a sense of possibilities -- and right now, it's also really fun. Get yourself to a social event and be the social butterfly.

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)
● General: Trust your intuition above all else right now. No matter what else happens, it's the one thing you can be sure of. After all, has it ever let you down before? So when someone comes along, trying to distract you from your purpose or talk you into doing something you really don't feel right about, refuse. Focus on your goals. You can have it all now, but only if you stay focused!
● Work: You are in a good position change jobs right now, but there's no reason not to play hard to get. Hold out for as much as you think they're able to offer, and then see if you can find a good counteroffer.
● Finances: You didn't write the motto 'slow and steady wins the race' but you might as well have. So when you start rushing ahead, you're really acting out of character. You never promised to be predictable. It pays to keep others guessing.
● Love: While longer-term romantic plans aren't in the stars at the moment, communicating what's on your mind and in your heart is. If you like someone, let 'em know; if something's bothering you, ditto.

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)
● General: You're in the mood to do something completely lavish for a loved one -- something they'd never expect. You love them, and you enjoy doing things for them, so go ahead. Besides, just think of how grateful they'll be. It's sort of like celebrating your favorite holiday and giving presents, except the main gift is you.
● Work: You might run into old limits that hamper your ability to make connections, but if you push yourself hard enough you will draw on hidden reserves of power that can make it all come together.
● Finances: The label 'all talk and no action' is considered pejorative. It's great that you're able to communicate so freely, and the ideas are definitely flowing, but without any follow through it's all just that much hot air. Get to work.
● Love: You've got it all down -- sweet eye contact, hilarious laughter, conversational skills that truly pay the bills, body language that suggests a little something more. Who will you choose to charm?

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)
● General: You'll be amazed right now at just how many long-distance folks will contact you. All kinds of people: high school and college friends, people you used to work with and family members who may have moved out of town. You'll also notice that they'll call or write -- or you'll bump into them -- shortly after they cross your mind. It's not a coincidence. You're conjuring them.
● Work: You're a champion of old and broken-down projects, and you have the energy to get things moving. Focus on ventures that have been stalled out for some time -- but in your view merit renewed emphasis. These are the ones to work on first.
● Finances: You're getting desperate, and that calls for desperate measures. Be careful, though, because once you get a taste of that hidden wild side of yours, you'll never want to go back to safety and complacency. Remember the point of it all.
● Love: A shy smile across a crowded room is all well and good, but to get results you might try something a little bolder -- like, oh, introducing yourself and asking an interesting question.

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)
● General: For the moment, your charm will be exceeded only by your suddenly magical ability to attract just about anyone and anything you want. It won't be the usual fire-sign tactics you'll employ, either. You're in the mood to be subtle -- and it's going to work like a charm. Just go easy, and don't get greedy. If you don't want it -- or them -- don't go after it.
● Work: Look carefully and you'll find new freedom to move into previously off-limits territory right now. Clarity might feel as if it's disappearing, but it's not. Boundaries are shifting underneath you and it's creating some turbulence.
● Finances: It's easy to impress your friends, and that's not a bad thing. You're getting some good practice even if it goes without saying you'll win over the crowd. Taking it up one financial level is your next step, so practice while you can.
● Love: Trouble making a romantic decision? Convene a panel of experts -- your friends. They know you and they know what you want (and your foibles when it comes to getting it). Add some snacks and beverages and have fun!

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)
● General: For the moment, you can expect to be a veritable magnet for the attention of new admirers of the most interesting variety. The fun starts today, with the possibility of a visit from someone you can only describe as unusual and appealing. If you're not legitimately attracted to them, however, don't play. This is potent stuff you're packing, and it won't be as easy to turn it off as it is to turn on.
● Work: You are entering a brief but unusually productive phase, and you can develop new ways of meeting goals for yourself and your peers. Speak up when it's your turn, and don't sit on your ideas. Share them with anyone who'll listen.
● Finances: If you were a painter, you'd be a realist. You're getting down to the finest details and still hungry for more clarity. Sooner or later even you have to admit the deed is done. Know when to stop.
● Love: A telling detail stands out now, and your quick reasoning leads you to a solid conclusion when it comes to romance. Before you blurt it out, though, think about the best way to communicate your finding.

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)
● General: When it comes to meeting someone new, you're always game. It's your astrological job, and you're good at it. Your social skills may be a bit taxed now, however. Not because you won't want to be nice, but because you may want to be extra nice -- to someone who's not quite available at the moment. Easy there! Don't start something you won't know how to finish.
● Work: Stubbornness will not pay off right now, especially under the current circumstances. You might need to let go of a cherished perk or project to ensure workplace harmony (and your job). It's the right thing to do, and you know it.
● Finances: Talking about the same old dreams isn't helping you get ahead, not to mention it's getting old. Every time you open your mouth, you let out a little bit of steam and ambition. Keep your plans to yourself for now.
● Love: Letting your innermost feelings be known can feel a bit risky, but what, exactly, is the risk? Your openness is its own reward, allowing you to feel more comfortable with yourself -- and learn more about a certain someone.

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)
● General: You know the expression about being in the right place at the right time? Prepare to familiarize yourself with it on a very personal level, but don't take it for granted. For the moment, it's going to feel like there's a veritable team of guardian angels on duty, all of whom are silently guiding you in the right direction at the right moment. In short, better listen carefully to your intuition.
● Work: You will cast the deciding vote or play a crucial role in the day's major events. You might not feel up to the task, but if you can maintain a flexible posture and willingness to adapt, you will win big.
● Finances: You can't shake the sensation that someone is following you. Those phantom footsteps may be all in your head but the feeling they're originating from is all too real. Some big bills are coming up behind you. Cover your rear.
● Love: You're all ready to leap before you look, and tonight may find you even antsier. Test the waters just a tiny bit, though, before you plunge in. You don't want 'em to be too shallow!

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)
● General: For the next few weeks -- and for today, in particular -- you'll definitely have your share of great fortune. Expect your luck to arrive through amazing situations, coincidental meetings and odd circumstances. Oh, and remember: there really is no such thing as a coincidence.
● Work: You have to take care of the small stuff before turning to the rest. So forget about that board meeting or strategic planning session -- focus like a laser beam on the paperwork sitting on your desk.
● Finances: Keeping active is important. Even if you're doing busy work, it's better than sitting around wondering and waiting. It all pays off in the end, one way or another, so do your best to come up with worthwhile activities today.
● Love: Boredom is the enemy of your heart right now, so be sure to keep engaged. Try a good book, some challenging art, an in-depth discussion or -- best of all -- integrating several options.

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)
● General: Go ahead. March right on into the boss's office, ask if you might have a few moments of their time, and pull out your list. That long, long list of reasons why you really do deserve to get that raise, bonus or promotion you've been bucking for. Don't be afraid if they get quiet for a little while. They're not sizing you up -- they've already done that, and they're probably quite happy with what they've seen. They're just getting a kick out of you pleading a case you've already won.
● Work: Let your coworkers and select clients know exactly how you feel about the current situation. You feel a new source of strength and a new desire for openness in communication, and others are ready to join your cause.
● Finances: You don't have any extra fat in your budget to discard. That's okay, because you have no emergencies to handle today. Just be sure to be economical in all you do, from spending right down to conversation. If it's not important, save your breath.
● Love: If you feel like someone's giving you the romantic run-around, it's definitely time to cut to the chase. Your patience can only last so long, and a straightforward question lets you save some of it for later.

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)
● General: Guardian angels don't always show up in white robes, and they definitely don't always have wings. They tend to blend in with real folks -- otherwise, how would they get close enough to you to do their jobs? So when someone approaches you today with an offer that's absolutely everything you've been wanting and waiting for, don't bother pinching yourself. It's real. And you've certainly earned it. Have a friend check it over if you're still not sure.
● Work: If your supervisors value your eccentricity for the energy it brings, you'll move forward quickly. An odd discovery sets you out even further from the mainstream, but in a relatively good way.
● Finances: It felt for a while as if your entire financial life was put on the back burner, but now it's sizzling again. You're out of practice and might even have forgotten about the anxiety that goes with success, but it feels good to sweat after all this time.
● Love: On days like this, a little spark can create a major conflagration. Talk to strangers, crash a party, go out dancing -- you know how to engage with your world in a fiery, fun way.

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)
● General: Your sensitive nature and kindness to others and the amazing way you have of seeing nothing but the best in everyone make you naturally appealing to others. So you probably have quite the collection of fascinating friends, don't you? Well, don't be surprised if at least one new friend crosses your path and they're quite unlike anyone you've ever known. Enjoy them. This will certainly be interesting.
● Work: Impress your clients or peers with your newfound gift for blarney. It won't last forever, but you will be able to mesmerize just about anyone by picking the words they want to hear.
● Finances: You are underwhelmed. In fact, it's hard to come up with anything at all to do. You're almost longing for the days of being so busy you could hardly think straight. Almost, but not quite. Enjoy the break.
● Love: If you've got a variety of social options, why choose just one? Keep your agenda flexible and check out some different scenes -- and new people. Tantalize them with just a glimpse of your greatness.


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