Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - December 5 2018

Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes - December 5 2018RAT ● General: You''ve got all the moral (and celestial) support you could ever have hoped for.
● Love & Relationships: Your friends are sending the love your way all day today, so enjoy the good stuff and give back as much as you pull in.
● Career: A combative has-been reminds you how valuable your good communication skills are.
● Lucky number : 38
● Best time of the day : 8h00OX ● General: Procrastination never helps and almost always hurts, so set aside distractions and tackle your task.
● Love & Relationships: Romantic ideas you have and plans you make during the day have the blessing of the stars, so brainstorm and fire up that social calendar.
● Career: Look for common ground and you''ll find that communication between you and your main squeeze really takes off.
● Lucky number : 68
● Best time of the day : 19h00TIGER ● General: Use your original means of expression to get the message you''v…

Free Daily Horoscope - April 15 2017

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)
● General: It's a great time to initiate a new project at work or school -- as long as you choose the right partner for it. Pay close attention to the chemistry between the two of you. Can you keep your mind focused on the task at hand when they're around? Make sure the two of you make a good combination. Their strengths should correspond to your weaknesses, and vice versa. Move forward with making exciting things happen. Make sure you have a specific agenda in mind.
● Work: You don't have to know all the answers now. After all, you're just jumping into what's likely to be a long and difficult project. Grasping the end goal is enough for now -- the details will become apparent as the situation unfolds.
● Finances: It may feel as if everything is going wrong at once, but it's just an illusion. Your attitude is key to success today, more so than most days. To say you need to look on the bright side is a gross understatement.
● Love: If your fitness routine seems a little dull, invite someone to join you. Heck, why not make it a date? If you are feeling bold, ask the hottie you jog past every day if they'd care to have you as a workout partner.

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)
● General: Don't shy away from a task that requires a lot of organizational skills today -- you have what it takes to make order out of any mountain of chaos! Plus, if you take on this arduous task, you will get major brownie points. It's time to get more strategic about your public persona. Your reputation counts, and it's up to you to make it shine brightly. It's okay to be greedy about getting more attention, right now. It's a very wise move to get yourself noticed.
● Work: You're more than prepared to think things through logically instead of letting your emotions interfere. So go ahead and schedule that meeting you've been avoiding today. Better to get it over with now, so you'll have the weekend ahead of you free and clear.
● Finances: Use your intensity for good instead of evil. You can be possessive of what's yours or you can know for a fact that you'll never lose what's really important. Don't waste your deep emotions on frivolous, material things.
● Love: Searching for true love may seem daunting, but it's really not. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl -- you know, it's quite simple. You're the one who makes it more complicated than necessary.

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)
● General: It seems like everyone has more disposable income than you have right now, and they're inviting you along to some social events that seem to require greater amounts of it than you are comfortable spending. You're stuck between a rock and a hard place -- do you tell them it's too pricey for your budget and make them feel sorry for you? Or do you go along with it and resent the expense? When in doubt, do what is best. They'll understand you, not pity you.
● Work: Spend your time on the little details today; the big stuff can wait until your desk is clear early next week. Ignore all those invoices and proposals piling up on your desk and put off any big decisions until after the weekend.
● Finances: What you have in mind takes a bit more calculating than you've done to date. Sit down and go over the numbers, then go over them again. Pie in the sky just won't cut it.
● Love: Hang back right now -- wait before starting something (or someone) new. You'll feel strong and ready for anything when the time is right. But for now, a little time alone will help clear your head and prepare you for anything.

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)
● General: Turn your party sensors on 'high' and go see what's going on today with friends. It's time to get active and get something cooking! Send out a few emails and let your favorite people know you are up for just about anything -- and by the end of the day you should get a few interesting invitations. But just because you're up for fun doesn't mean you aren't allowed to be choosy about what you do. Don't just hop on board any bandwagon. Do what you want to do.
● Work: You know just what to do to get the right outcome, as evidenced by all this fantastic feedback you're getting. Don't think your employer doesn't notice your performance either. He or she is grooming you for something huge.
● Finances: Every little thing sets you off today. That makes it a good day to avoid stressful situations, especially those involving money. A legal document or a simple handshake will have to wait.
● Love: Don't be surprised if your inbox or voicemail is jam packed with people who want to meet you today. Go ahead and send witty responses to whoever captures your attention. When it comes to romance, the stars are shining on you!

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)
● General: Whether you feel comfortable doing it today or not, you have to start expressing yourself more clearly. Share your feelings! If you are feeling good, let folks know. And if you are feeling grumpy, let them know even sooner! Keeping people informed about your every emotion might seem self-involved, but it's not. Right now it's important that when you are working in a group, you make sure other members of that group know what mood you're in.
● Work: If you're dealing with financial issues right now, sit on the numbers a few days and see how the situation progresses. Try to solve this problem with shrewd budgeting instead of asking for an advance.
● Finances: You have an intuitive understanding of what will and what won't work. That makes you an unlikely target for someone scamming for money today. You'll know a phony sales pitch when you hear it.
● Love: You'll experience a deeper connection with someone you know superficially when you get involved in a heavy conversation about life. You may learn you have some differences, but ultimately this talk will bring you closer.

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)
● General: Be careful you don't get a reputation for being indecisive. The people in power are looking for someone who can move things forward with no hesitation -- not a wishy-washy person who always worries about what might happen if they do one thing over another. Mull over an intimidating idea for too long, and you will only give it power over you. It's time to grab the bull by the horns and just make a decision. And if it ends up being a mistake, then you can fix it later.
● Work: Distractions will abound today, but you won't let them get your attention. Instead, focus on housecleaning duties for now, and you'll be well positioned to launch a new project early next week.
● Finances: The only thing that motivates you today is how you feel. Even the lure of money has lost its magic touch. Delve deeply into your own emotions today if you want to know what is driving you.
● Love: Something about you is driving people wild! Practice that flirty smile and be ready to hand out your phone number to your new admirers. You can't help but attract the attention of others today.

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)
● General: A personal relationship you've been struggling with will finally start to feel like it's back in balance again today. They had their issues, you had yours -- and now it looks like you are both back on the same page again. Try to get together with this person today and just be normal with them again. Keep the conversation light, and don't rehash the same things you have been rehashing. You both need and deserve a break from all of that heavy, introspective stuff.
● Work: It's best to get things out in the open today than keeping your opinions to yourself when conflicting visions lead to vocal disagreements. When all is said and done, don't sweat it -- no one's holding a grudge here.
● Finances: Business is business. So when money changes hands, don't worry about making out like a bandit. The other principles are taking care of themselves as well as you are. Relax and enjoy the win.
● Love: If you've been butting heads with someone in particular, maybe it's time to defer to them. Instead of fighting, buck up and try giving in. It may not be your first choice of action, but the resulting peace is definitely worth the compromise.

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)
● General: Perhaps the most wonderful thing about inviting a new person into your life is that they bring new concepts and new ideas with them. So make some time soon to get together with this person and toss ideas back and forth. Not only will it be immense fun for both of you, but it will be a great way to grow your relationship, then take it to a deeper, more intellectual level. And when your brains connect like this, mutual growth is all but guaranteed. The two of you will become a good team.
● Work: Forget about working too hard today. After all, you've been working super hard lately. Instead, take time out to have lunch with a coworker; a little socializing keeps your tension level down and your concentration up.
● Finances: Work on building up your confidence before you even consider doing anything else today. You don't have to get to the point where you radiate power but do wait until you know just what you are capable of.
● Love: Would you like to get to know a certain someone a little better? If so, give them a call! After all, you are feeling extra wonderful and loved today. Besides, this person is definitely receptive to your advances!

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)
● General: Thinking on your feet is one of your best skills, and it is one you haven't used in a while -- luckily, you will get to use it today when some last-minute changes interrupt your carefully laid plans. This is going to be a little bit confusing, but it is also going to be a lot of fun! Any kind of stimulation, good or bad, will be enjoyable. The only thing that will make this day more enjoyable is if you can share it with someone you really care about -- so call them up!
● Work: Tolerance is everything today. Keep your mouth shut and get out of the office ASAP if it will calm your frazzled nerves. After all, the antics and quirks of your coworkers are driving you crazy, especially if you work in close quarters.
● Finances: You're feeling uncharacteristically shy today. The smallest social interactions leave you wishing you could be alone. Don't worry, it's not only a temporary state but a charming one. You just may win an important business deal because of it.
● Love: If you're putting a lot of energy into meeting people, but nothing is clicking, it's time to take a break. Instead, invest your effort into other interests. Something wonderful will inevitably come out of it.

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)
● General: Explore a new culture today -- it will help you appreciate your own a little bit more. Try some ethnic food you've never had before. Listen to some music from a country you've never been to. Watch a movie made in some exotic locale that features subtitles. Have a conversation with someone who speaks another language. These experiences will help you get back in touch with what makes you who you are and what areas you need to develop.
● Work: Plow through that pile of papers now, and you'll be able to leave work where it belongs -- at the office. Otherwise, if you procrastinate on a project now, you could end up working on it clear through Sunday.
● Finances: Brute force will only get you so far. You need power, but much more important is the need to be organized. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top before you attempt to flex your muscles.
● Love: Some people are difficult to figure out, but don't let that turn you off. After all, you love a challenge. Don't let a little aloofness deter you. In fact, you'll appreciate this person so much more because you've had to work for it.

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)
● General: It's always nice to be flexible and try to get along with people, but today you should stick to your guns about what you want to do. Don't let others hijack your sense of what is right and what is wrong and don't be afraid to disagree with people. If you become less wishy-washy, you will send a very clear signal to other people that you are not to be underestimated. Pushing your own agenda is not only a perfectly valid thing to do, it's recommended.
● Work: Make sure you know what you're talking about before you launch into a new project. If you neglect the details now, they could come back to haunt you later. Even worse, those shoddy plans and high-flying numbers could spell death to your career.
● Finances: You're not feeling particularly ambitious today. But even so, there are bills to be paid even if your feelings have slowed down. You just can't wait for inspiration to strike, so slog along in the state you're in.
● Love: You always make everything about you. But why not set your own desires aside for a bit, and focus on someone else's needs? Your selflessness will result in a win-win situation for both of you.

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)
● General: Hey, loosen up there! You can't become too obsessed with every little detail in life. Everything is what it is -- some things can be changed, but some things cannot be. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor by understanding the difference between the two, especially in your personal life. Problems could arise in a partnership if you are unwilling to let things go. You cannot change a person, you can only communicate how their behavior affects you.
● Work: Be patient with others who don't think on their feet as fast as you do -- explain yourself slowly and carefully today. You may know what you're talking about, but chances are, everyone else is concerned about their lives, and not listening to you.
● Finances: You're used to convincing others of what to do. So when you're the one who's feeling wishy-washy, it's a sure sign not to commit, whether it's your money or simply your signature.
● Love: Live a little! You may be a Democrat and he may be a Republican, but that's no reason to write off a potential date. You may find you enjoying tasting someone a little different than your usual entrees.


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