Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - December 5 2018

Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes - December 5 2018RAT ● General: You''ve got all the moral (and celestial) support you could ever have hoped for.
● Love & Relationships: Your friends are sending the love your way all day today, so enjoy the good stuff and give back as much as you pull in.
● Career: A combative has-been reminds you how valuable your good communication skills are.
● Lucky number : 38
● Best time of the day : 8h00OX ● General: Procrastination never helps and almost always hurts, so set aside distractions and tackle your task.
● Love & Relationships: Romantic ideas you have and plans you make during the day have the blessing of the stars, so brainstorm and fire up that social calendar.
● Career: Look for common ground and you''ll find that communication between you and your main squeeze really takes off.
● Lucky number : 68
● Best time of the day : 19h00TIGER ● General: Use your original means of expression to get the message you''v…

Free Daily Horoscope - May 26 2017

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)
● General: You can finally put whatever has been bothering you lately on the back burner. Spend the next few days walking on air -- or maybe on water. Wherever you go, others throw themselves shamelessly at your feet. The impossible seems routine to you right now. You're thrilled at the prospects in front of you and happy to be alive. Go out and do something you never dreamed you'd get the chance to do.
● Work: You can score a few points by riding shotgun right now. After all, your own projects won't get very far, no matter how tirelessly you attack them. Try stepping back and looking around to see who needs help, instead.
● Finances: You're enthusiastic about the day before you. You get points for earning it, so don't feel guilty about enjoying it. Work and money can't rule your entire life. Let yourself be spontaneous.
● Love: The stars give you a fabulous opportunity today. You know that thing you've been thinking about starting for months? Find a way to make it happen. You shouldn't have any problem though -- your clever ways make it easy.

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)
● General: Look down at your plate before you go back to the buffet for a second helping. Do you still have perfectly good food in front of you? Well, don't waste it. Does the same apply to certain opportunities you're lingering over? On the work front, a coworker could use a little help on the other end of the same project, and it's in your best interests to fill them in on what you know.
● Work: You'll probably be the most articulate speaker in the room today. You have big ideas about markets or service, and the ability to sell those newfangled notions to your peers and supervisors.
● Finances: Someone is trying to rush you, and that just makes you dig in your heels. You're natural instincts are to go slow and do all of your research before putting down any of your money, and today is no exception. Don't budge until you are good and ready.
● Love: Coming up short on your singles search right now? The stars say it's time to diversify. Celebrate the new year with a totally new activity. Try adult gymnastics, square dancing or water aerobics -- remove yourself from that comfort zone and watch things get really interesting.

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)

Gemini (5/21 to 6/21)
● General: As the stars shift and change positions, you're among the first round chosen for the team. All day long it seems that you're somehow on the right side of the line that separates the insiders from the outsiders. Don't be afraid to ask for something you didn't think was possible yesterday -- it's still possible to get in on the ground floor of a new venture if you know how to work it.
● Work: See what you can delegate to buy yourself a little downtime today. The long hours are starting to take their toll. Can someone else finish some of these projects you've started? Ask around!
● Finances: Nothing will get done without someone making the first move, and that someone is you. Don't sit around with the rest of the sheep waiting for someone else to take the initiative. This could be your chance to get a taste of some real leadership.
● Love: Someone finds your quiet side incredibly intoxicating, so reserve your words, and communicate with looks and gestures. Stay away from people and places that bring out your obnoxious nature.

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)

Cancer (6/22 to 7/22)
● General: New circumstances find you facing your own indifference. It's difficult to make a decision when you just don't have much invested in the outcome, isn't it? At least it's a comfort to know you're not the only one in this situation. Somebody is unable to help you directly, but emotional support goes a long way. The best thing you can do right now is to slow down. Good things definitely come to those who wait patiently.
● Work: You're in touch with other people today and can really read where they're coming from. Today is great for meetings, evaluations and interviews. Help others see the big picture.
● Finances: You can blurt out something quite inappropriate today, and the damage is done before you even know what hit you -- or them. Be extra careful with your tongue today. Think things through before making any blanket statements.
● Love: You have a responsibility to use your passion and power wisely. Someone you're not necessarily attracted to in 'that way' has a crush on you. Be honest, be clear and tread lightly.

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)
● General: These days it seems as if the laws of the universe were written to benefit you, and you delight at the prospect of everything going your way. You have the advantage no matter which way you turn, and you aren't one to pass up a golden opportunity when it knocks at your door. Remember to try it out first before you make your final move. Practice inspires confidence in your ability to handle the real thing. You'll know when you're ready to make your big debut.
● Work: Don't let your frustration get the best of you. Clarity is especially important for you, but right now everything's in a muddle. Take your time and sort things out. The extra effort is totally worth it.
● Finances: You'll learn an important lesson when you least expect it, or maybe you'll realize something that's been slowly dawning on you. It might not involve money but it certainly affects it indirectly. It changes your opinion of the way things are handled. In fact, it changes your entire worldview.
● Love: Now's a terrible time to worry. You can't control the wacky people and crazy events that dominate your life. So, just throw up those hands and move forward -- you'll find lots of hotties who need your attention instead.

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)
● General: If you can't do it yourself, maybe you shouldn't attempt to do it at all. Support may be forthcoming, but it's on someone else's schedule. In the hours that it takes to wait and explain, you could probably handle matters on your own. Organization is the key to your success. Making sure everything is in its place before you start will save endless time in the long run. Proving this to yourself now is money in the bank for next time.
● Work: If you have the luxury of time, try to brainstorm some ideas for future work. It's not a good time for closing out projects -- or starting new ones for that matter. You're in a holding pattern right now, so just be patient.
● Finances: You don't want to play nice. You don't even want to be polite. With an attitude like yours, you'd be doing all of your friends a favor by holing up alone. You won't, though. To break the spell, share something really important to you.
● Love: Clear up a long-standing spat with a family member today. The stars need your energy in romantic areas right now. Create some sparkling momentum, and get ready to meet someone fascinating.

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)

Libra (9/23 to 10/23)
● General: There's really no need to be in such a hurry to prove yourself. The more patient you are, the happier you will be when you finally get your turn. The stars urge you to win your victories one at a time, face-to-face and to be fully aware of your actions. As the hours wear on, the increasing influence of certain astral aspects leads you to the politics of charm. A romantic issue is beautifully resolved tonight without a lot of effort from either party.
● Work: Stay flexible and open to new possibilities. You won't be able to force progress on your pet projects, but don't let that worry you too much. Just don't overwork yourself -- it's not worth it.
● Finances: No one is perfect. You like to think you don't have a selfish bone in your body, but you're only human, after all. Keeping everything for yourself for a day isn't the end of the world. Remember, though, it's only for twenty four hours.
● Love: Sometimes opposites don't attract. In fact, you may find comfort in someone just like you. If you're feeling too much indecision with a potential love interest, move on. This relationship may not overcome the strain of such different values.

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/21)
● General: You need your alone time and that's a good thing, because solitude is on the agenda. Do what you must, because the energy you're giving off is too powerful for most. Your cause may catch fire as it picks up speed farther down the road, but for now you struggle with the concept of anonymity. Keep one eye on the bottom line at all times. Your strength and determination won't let you fail. When you're finished, no one else can claim this victory but you.
● Work: Take time to think about where you want to be in the future today. Your dreams can come true, but only if you know what they are. You'll see how to get there and where to start your journey.
● Finances: Don't pretend you're not out for gain. You want as much as you can get, and you don't care if things get ugly. You can be selfless another day. For today, you just can't help but be ruthlessly self-interested.
● Love: Rein in your momentum right now. The universe says whoa, but your mind says let it all hang out. If you get ahead of yourself, you might miss romance. Take a deep breath and slow down. It's all about the journey right now.

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)
● General: Talking is highly overrated. Instead of describing your feelings, demonstrate them creatively. This is the perfect time to use sign language and gestures to get your point across. Games like charades may be especially amusing. Friends, coworkers or clients appreciate your playful mood, even if the details are beyond them. For the next few days, you like things that seem to be larger than life. Unless there's a law against it, anything goes!
● Work: Try to focus on the present. Your energy is all over the place right now -- you're spending more time obsessing about the past and worrying about the future. That's not a good place to be.
● Finances: The more creativity you put into your work, the more fun you will have -- and the more money you will make. It's all about surprising the universe with your originality today. Don't waste a minute being run of the mill.
● Love: As a big decision lies in front of you, weigh your options. The first step: Take your time. Although this isn't an urgent matter, it's a profound one. Figure out what you're willing to sacrifice and accept it.

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)

Capricorn (12/22 to 01/19)
● General: You may feel like keeping a low profile these days, and it's no wonder -- the stars heat things up to a high temperature. Don't be too surprised if something you did in the past catches up with you. There's nowhere to run once it finds you, so you may as well face it. Try to give your attention to a personal challenge that comes up too quickly to be ignored. You're lucky to have so much inner strength at your disposal.
● Work: Others seem drawn to your earthy charisma, so schmoozing and other social activities will go well for you right now. Try not to say yes to everyone, though -- that's a surefire way to drain all this great energy.
● Finances: Family and career can really pull you in opposite directions, but remind yourself that they share vitally important elements. Stability and security are what tie them together. Focus on that instead of your contradictory feelings.
● Love: This situation in front of you could be the greatest opportunity ever or a half-baked scheme. The outcome depends on your approach and attention to detail. If something resonates your instinct negatively, back out immediately.

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)
● General: You're a big fan of blunt honesty and the naked truth. If you think it, you're likely to say it without censoring it for the audience. Luckily, you run with a crowd that has a sense of the absurd. Keep in mind that not everyone in the world appreciates your finely tuned sense of humor. If you were to refine this approach, imagine how many more people you could reach.
● Work: Collaborations and joint projects will go smoothly if you initiate them now. Find like-minded partners to move forward with, and you (and your superiors) won't be disappointed with the end result.
● Finances: No important discoveries come without a lot of groundwork. You are poised to figure out something big, but you need to keep plodding right along to get to that point. Your eureka moment will be worth the conservative approach.
● Love: You'll experience a major turning point today. That crush? It takes a new direction. Whether it's a lingering glance across the room or an all-out date, hang back, relax and ride the wave of progress.

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)

Pisces (2/19 to 3/20)
● General: What happened? You got off to such a great start, but you're suddenly feeling fatigued. Don't be surprised when your huge lead slows to a walking pace. Now that you've had your fun, another person gets a chance. Crossing the finish line is what's important -- not finishing the race first. The promise you made to yourself is still good -- you just don't have the energy to be on all the time. You should be proud of your effort.
● Work: You won't make any enemies by saying no. You have energy to spare, but try to focus it all on your own projects for now. It's okay to get ahead in your own world -- after all, who's going to do it for you if you don't?
● Finances: You stumble across a counterfeit today. It could be a person, place or thing. Money isn't the most important kind of imitation, either. A fake person or a sham agreement can be devastating.
● Love: Your plans change in the blink of an eye when a romantic interest enters the picture. Although this isn't a complete surprise, you're a little shocked it happened so soon. Juggle a few things around -- you'll fit this one in, too.


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